Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mom, why am i here?

My son is always amazing me with his questions, his evidence of deep and serious thinking. He may not know how to read or how to work out math on paper yet, but he is working out some very BIG questions. I  peeked in his room this morning, just as he was waking up....
"Mom, why am i here?"
"What.... do you mean?"
"I mean, why am I here? What is my purpose? What am I doing HERE?"
I wanted time to think about how to answer such a broad question; in classic "mom-manipulation" I invited him to join me for breakfast downstairs, so we could talk about it some more.
This was countered with an invitation to snuggle in bed.
"This is a perfectly good place."
I snuggled in, and asked him what he thought his purpose might be? 
"Why do you think you're here?"
His answer was that he was here because I wanted him, and because I prayed for him. And he is right, that's true. He was looking for something more meaningful to him.
"The answer,"
I told him,
"is different for every person. Every person is unique, and has their own gifts; and their purpose is their own, what do you think yours might be?...."
"....i don't know...."
"I know my purpose."
.... I  could see I had his attention....
"In this life, my purpose is to take care of you and our family;
my purpose is to cook, and care for the house,
to play with you and help you learn important things;
my purpose is to go to work, to earn money to help pay for the things our family needs.
I also get to make pottery, because I love doing that, and I'm good at it.
It's one of the gifts I've been given.
My purpose is to keep learning, to learn from you and anyone else who has something to share with me.
And also, to keep learning about our God Jehovah, and to help you to learn about Him as well."
"That sounds like a lot of work. Actually, that sounds like mostly work." 
He sounded disappointed, and defeated, or perhaps this was just honest observation.
"It is work.Your right.
But I love you, and I love our family, so taking care of us doesn't always feel like work. Sometimes I really enjoy it.
It feels good to see you growing happy and healthy.
And working at the store can be fun too. I'm tired when I get home, but it's fun being there.
I feel good knowing that my going there helps to buy you the things you need.
And making pottery is work too, but it doesn't feel like work;
because it's my gift, it's what I'm good at.
Some people are good at building, so that's what they do.
Jehovah made me good at making bowls, and mugs, and art so that's what I do.
And learning, well, that's just part of being alive.
You see, I love the things I work at, so it doesn't feel like work."
"So what am I good at? What's my gift? My job? WHAT IS MY DESTINY!?"
He was sounding pretty intense here! :D (So dramatic! I suspect there may be some influence from anime here! ;)

I worried about over simplifying.... none the less, I answered.

"Your job is to just be a kid! Your already great at that.
Your job is to play, and have fun, and to learn about the world.
To learn about Jehovah.
And to try things out, until you discover what you really love, and what you're good at.
You will find your gifts, and all you have to do to find them, is to keep being you."

~ Sometimes I really LOVE this Mama-gig ~


  1. Ahh... yes, the beauty of the authentic question!

    I am reminded of paulo coelho's "the alchemist". Have you seen that one? And for a child who loves anime ;) I've even read the graphic-novel edition to my 6-year old :)

  2. I hadn't heard of it... guess I'll have to look it up ;)