Sunday, September 5, 2010


I am full of gratitude.

I just finished typing up a learning plan for my son, who when asked about what he would like to do and learn about this year had only 3 things to say:

1. everything Mario
2. nothing else because "I am NOT starting school"
3. and also, "I do NOT want to learn how to read!"

And so, that is what I had to work with. Building a plan for my determined and fun boy who has no interest in being a part of this planning process; but who will no doubt learn because (as I've learned) being ALIVE makes one part of the learning process :D

Actually, I thought it was kind of adorable. His to-heck-with-it attitude. His "I only like THIS at this moment and will not venture into imagining future interests with you" attitude. And so, like most proud mama's I told his gramma this story about him. And like a proud gramma, she laughed and retold it to her friends. It dawned on me that it didn't have to go that way. She could have heard this story and become concerned about her granbaby's "education". But she didn't, because she is awesome! And, I think, because she loves us, and she loves our son; and I think she knows he will be learning and doing amazing things this year. And I am SO grateful that she has always been loving and supportive- even when things sound kind of crazy!

I included this story in the learning plan that I submitted to our learning consultant; who, I have no doubts will find it very funny! She has been helping us on our learning journey for 3 years already, with our daughter. I consider her one of my valued friends. She has been a beautiful support to my daughter and to our family. She helps me when I have doubts; and reminds me of what is really important to me when it comes to raising my kids. I am so grateful to have the support and guidance of a 'teacher' who has affection for my family.

As I was writing his plan, I had to think about mentors for him. It reminded me how supportive our extended family really has been. My husband's auntie has been doing art days with my daughter nearly every week for more than a year; and has taken her swimming and helped her learn to swim- which is a HUGE deal because my daughter was very scared of the water; but she was patient with her, and kind, and helped her through it. And the gramma's have helped with reading, and trips to the aquarium and disneyland, and encouraging my daughter's passion for photography, dance and jewelry making.

They didn't have to do that, I am thankful they did. It dawns on me that Un-schooling is a huge concept. One that has worked beautifully for my family; but that must have sounded straight-up off the wall to some of the people in our life. Perhaps, it still does. No curriculum?! Child-led learning?! No workbooks?! (unless they want them) No forced learning?! It really does sound crazy. It brings up alot of doubts. Alot of questions. Alot of fears... for me, as their parent trying to figure out how this whole thing would work; but I'm sure for others in our life too. But everyone has been pretty patient with me, as I figure out how this whole thing works.

Gratitude. and anticipation for the learning year to come....


  1. Thanks Meaghan'''You know I love you all and will always support you.

    I do see the humour in Oakley unwillingness to plan his year....because even though he doesn't know it he has learned so much in the last year.He proved that when he started to answer at the
    What little boys can put their hands up and answer in front of 100 people. He loves to talk on the phone and tells me all the things he is doing.

    Jehovah's organization has a wonderful teaching program that supports the very young and old.

    Look at the progress Olivia has made with her spiritual health also. Never afraid to talk to the elders about her goals of becoming an unbaptized publisher....

    Her craft skills are amazing and I am always bragging about them...I was amazed how other people always notice our girl...She isn't loud so they recognize her many gifts by her actions...I saw that when you posted the blog of the band you saw in Vancouver mentioning that he could see that she was a good girl...

    So happy that many of the kids dreams have come true this you and I will now stop "ranting"love grandma cee cee

  2. my dad says:beautifully written!
    sarah says: olivia we have ur scarf :P and oakley is the cutest thing that ever walked the earth!
    and meaghan i wuv u <3
    and manesha says: i loved this blog but i loved ur public school rant better :) cant wait to see u guys again hopefully this weekend at the fall fair ;)

  3. says your pics are sweet!!!!!!! love.