Thursday, April 29, 2010

what i've learned from BEing family...

it seems to be an appropriate day to reflect on family. the things i've learned and the things i'm thankful for. being a part of my family has been like being schooled in life. schooled in what it means to be family. schooled on love and forgiveness.

i've learned what it means to put love first; to put the relationship first.

i've learned that kids can grow-up with friendly parent-child relationships.
i've seen what it looks like for adult children to have a friendship with their parents.
i've seen how much it hurts when they lose one of those parents.
i've learned alot about forgiveness;
and the endless perspectives to anything.
and that everyone is just doing their best.
i've learned to say sorry ;)
i've learned that cousins can be like siblings.
i've learned that family can support each other even if they disagree about what they are supporting.
i've learned that i can be honest. even when it's scary.
i've learned about boys.
i've learned about brothers :p
noisy and rough, and never stop playing, they can be loyal and protective, and incredibly funny.
i've learned that they like barbies and tea parties too!
and that they are every bit as emotional as us women.
i have learned that men can cook, and do dishes and grocery shop! and make fantastic chocolate!
i've learned about me.

i've learned about my many, many imperfections.
i've learned that i can wake-up to dishes and nothing terrible comes of it.
and i can step over toys. and i can pick up toys.
actually, i can do all kinds of things.
i've learned that love has nothing to do with control.
i have learned about girls. and being a mother to a daughter. and friend to a daughter.
friend to son.
i've learned about birth and my body.
i've learned that kids are wise; learners and teachers.
of freedom, honesty, and creativity.
i've learned that family also includes people not bonded to me by blood.
i've learned about joy, and hurt and tears and comfort.
i've learned about fear.
and acceptance.
i've learned more about hockey and hunting than i probably ever needed to know.
i've learned that super-heros are super-cool.
Mostly, i've learned what it is to be a family, from being part of a family.
a really awesome family.
i've learned gratitude.
~living and loving~

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