Friday, February 10, 2017

Is it REALLY Anxiety?

Anxiety defined:

Feelings of worry, nervousness, unease, agitation, or apprehension; in some cases these feelings are persistent and severe, possibly leading to compulsions, phobias, or panic attacks.


Could you be an Empath?

Empath traits:

-                       ~ You have the gifted ability to intuit the feelings of others; at times this ability goes beyond a mere understanding of another’s emotions, but extends to actually feeling their physical or emotional discomfort.

       ~  People often feel comfortable opening up to you, sharing their stories and struggles.
-          ~ You avoid conflict, possibly due to its intensity for you as you are able to feel the upset feelings of the other person as well as your own emotions.

-          ~ Sensory issues. Sounds, smells, lights, and other sensations can be overwhelming.

-          ~ Being in crowded environments may leave you feeling drained.

-          ~ You cry or feel overwhelmed with emotion from dramatic entertainment.

-          ~ You are spiritual.

-          ~ Others may label you as “too sensitive”, shy, moody, or introverted.

-          ~ You may wonder “What’s wrong with me? Why do I feel so broken?”

Essential Self-care for Empaths:

-          ~ Avoid overly emotional entertainment; this includes the news.

-          ~ Seek out time in nature; water, plants, and wildlife are balancing and good for us.

-          ~ Limit screen usage.

-          ~ Make sure you get enough time alone.

-          ~ Learn to filter people’s energy and protect yourself. Ask “is this mine?” when experiencing overwhelming emotion.

-          ~ Avoid crowded areas when possible, or limit your time there ensuring to protect your own space and energy.

-          ~ Learn about managing boundaries.

-          ~ Have at least one uncluttered area of the house to spend time in.

-          ~ Exercise regularly.

-          ~ Get enough sleep.

-          ~ Eat enough healthy unprocessed food.

-          ~ Learn and practice mindfulness.

-          ~ Find a creative outlet. Journaling, drawing, sculpting, acting, singing…

-          ~ Spend time with family and friends that build you up and appreciate your gifts.

-          ~ Find ways to honor your gift daily!

Identifying as an Empath is identifying a Gift!

-          You can help others heal.

-          You may find you are gifted in art, music, or culinary skills.

-          You may sense danger before others.

-          You will tend to be more understanding and compassionate which may lead to deeper and more meaningful relationships.

-          You feel comfortable alone.

-          You may be a very creative, out-of-the-box thinker.

-          You can sense when people are lying.


Sometimes the behaviors and experiences of an Empath can look a lot like Anxiety. And sometimes, an Empath can be experiencing the symptoms of Anxiety because they have not learned to manage their gift.

Empaths can exist in this world comfortably and quite successfully once they have learned some skills that honor their unique selves.

Some people seek support from others who identify as Empaths, or from various therapies. It is important to research your options and find out what works for you!

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